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20Tales from the Guild Bar » by DezoPenguin A collection of my comedy shorts featuring Alys Brangwin and Joss Howland, both new and those previously posted elsewhere.
K+, English, Humor & Adventure, chapters: 37, words: 26k+, favs: 6, follows: 5, updated: 1/22 published: 12/19/2011
In Due Time » by BeaUtifulCOW Dwayde Seward was a young boy left alone, bereft of all security in the wake of the SEED crisis and the rise of the Illuminus. He lost everything, his family, his friends, even the comforts of being a regular human. He's become a fragile, almost broken young man, but he keeps on going, but he doesn't know why. Maybe he'll find the answer, In Due Time.
K+, English, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, chapters: 3, words: 8k+, updated: 6/5/2023 published: 4/22/2023
No Coffee, No by Yemi Hikari Zeno needs his morning coffee. Echo thinks she knows better.
K, English, words: 687, 5/19/2023
Valentine's on Halpha by Maria65 Valentine's Day has hit on Halpha and everyone is in the spirit, that includes Maria who has been having a little trouble with her memories. With some push though, Aina has gotten her to give her Chocolates to Crawford. What is his reaction?
K+, English, Sci-Fi & Romance, words: 2k+, 2/14/2023
A Little Heart-to-Heart by Maria65 After everything in Stia was said and done, everyone is recovering after the battle. Maria is still recovering and Crawford frets over her, confusing Maria. As Maria states why she's confused he's fussing over a wound, Crawford reveals exactly what he thinks. However, his words resonate within Maria: You're not alone in this. Crawford makes sure Maria knows that.
T, English, Sci-Fi & Friendship, words: 3k+, 2/1/2023
Dinner For Two Overworked Meteorn's by Maria65 Maria doesn't want to remember her past, constantly working keeps her mind to the present and not wander about what once was. Crawford wants to spend time with her when she gets back and the others can't help but watch. When the dinner is done, who is there to tease Crawford when it ends? (First PSO2ngs story)
K+, English, Fantasy & Friendship, words: 5k+, 2/1/2023
Of the Sea, Always With Me by Yemi Hikari Aina looks at the sea and remembers what is lost.
K+, English, Family & Hurt/Comfort, words: 142, 1/12/2023
The End of the Guardians by Lord Chaltier Victory over the Goddess of Annihilation has been achieved, but at what cost?
K+, English, Tragedy & Romance, words: 8k+, 11/17/2022
Just Listen by Yemi Hikari Echo wants to have a renewal of their wedding vows for their first anniversary. Zeno wants something else. (One-Sided Echo/Zeno)
T, English, Drama & Angst, words: 2k+, 8/31/2022
Phantasy Star IV: Retold » by curethree A complete retelling and reimagining of the events of Phantasy Star IV. Written by full-time, self-published author, Michael Plymel.
T, English, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, chapters: 8, words: 12k+, follows: 1, updated: 7/13/2022 published: 4/16/2022
Endless Road by Yemi Hikari He knows not his name, simply the endless road from region to region, but then there is a pause. (Zeno in New Genesis as a Meteorn)
K+, English, Angst & Adventure, words: 487, 2/18/2022
1 Choices of the Sky by Yemi Hikari Aina speaks of her feelings, and such things... (Aina/Manon or Aina/Nadereh, open to interpretation)
K+, English, Romance & Drama, words: 207, 12/30/2021
Phantasy Star: Regicide by Hawki Poem: Finally, the deed was done. The tyrant, Lassic, lay dead at her feet.
K+, English, Poetry & Fantasy, words: 139, favs: 1, follows: 1, 12/3/2021
Heavy is the Crown by Hawki Poem: Alys had set out to kill Lassic to avenge her brother, not to take the crown herself. But she had been made Algol's queen, and heavy was the crown. As was her heart.
K+, English, Poetry & Angst, words: 243, favs: 1, follows: 1, 10/29/2021
Castle in the Sky by Hawki Poem: It had been a long journey, but finally, Alys and her companions stood before Lassic's castle.
K, English, Poetry & Fantasy, words: 203, favs: 1, follows: 1, 10/17/2021
Fantasy in a Phantasy » by KromWeiss An isekai adventure into an alternate PSO2 Classic universe, as an in-game character! Featuring adventure, ARKS vs Darkers, friendship, slice-of-life, and a bit of romance.
T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 6, words: 9k+, favs: 3, follows: 3, updated: 9/20/2021 published: 9/11/2021
1 Internally No Regrets by Yemi Hikari Melfonseana knows she is dying. (Zeno/Melfonseana)
T, English, Romance & Tragedy, words: 307, 7/30/2021
Troublemaker by Yemi Hikari Zeno simply wanted one of the adult operatives to listen to him, but Regius has his own ideas regarding a certain troublemaker after listening.
K+, English, Angst & Drama, words: 2k+, 6/27/2021
Sticky Hands by Yemi Hikari Zeno's first meeting with Echo is indicative of their future interactions with each other.
K, English, Humor & Drama, words: 883, favs: 1, 6/27/2021
Gonna Protect by Yemi Hikari A very young Zeno tells his parents he wants to become an ARKS operative just like them. (Atossa/Wolf)
T, English, Family & Humor, words: 454, 6/27/2021
Irreplaceably Alive by Yemi Hikari Zeno didn't expect the twist to his life found within one of Luther's labs. (Zeno/Melfonseana)
T, English, Angst & Romance, words: 843, 6/27/2021
Nettled by Yemi Hikari Elis isn't sure what's worse - getting nettles stuck in his foot, or the latest Meteoran to arrive in Aelio Region. (New Genesis - Also, OCs)
K, English, Drama & Friendship, words: 640, 6/17/2021
Alone No More by Yemi Hikari Aina attempts contemplating what happened to Aelio Town by herself, but that ends up not being the case. (Aina/Mannon)
T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Romance, words: 663, 6/17/2021
1 Disjuncture by Yemi Hikari Zeno isn't lazy, contrary to what Echo says. (Fix-Fic for "The Right Time to Get Married")
T, English, Angst & Drama, words: 2k+, 6/16/2021
Seeking Faces by Yemi Hikari There is one face Aina can't picture in her head. (PSO2:NGS)
K+, English, Tragedy & Family, words: 348, 6/11/2021
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